Ground Source Heat Pumps

Sustainable heating solutions increasing energy efficiency whilst drastically reducing bills are key benefits to the ground source heat pumps installed by Devine Energy.

Ground source heat pumps are a highly economical, efficient source for generating renewable energy, fulfilling the heating and hot water needs of buildings, no matter the size.  These significantly increase the sustainability of properties and commercial buildings, in conjunction with lowering the carbon emissions in line with the aim for a net zero future.

Suitable for larger buildings with higher heating demand, ground source heat pumps are more than five times as efficient as gas boilers.  Generating heat from the ground, the pumps are a financially viable way to decarbonise buildings, reducing running costs by around 45% lower than those for gas boilers.

Benefitting from a low maintenance design, ground source heat pumps contain fewer moving parts than traditional heating systems, reducing the risk of breakdown, without the potential risk of a carbon monoxide leak. These are especially beneficial for properties and commercial buildings which are located far from the mains grid as they do not rely on fuel deliveries.

For more information contact Devine Energy, the experts in installing sustainable, energy efficient solutions to heating homes and large commercial spaces.


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