Thermal Solar Panels

Introducing low-cost heating across residential, commercial and social housing stock

As the world transitions towards renewable energy sources, thermal solar panels are one of the most sustainable solutions for heating properties, absorbing the suns heat and transferring the energy into the building.

Solar panels are easily installed on the ground or roof for increased heat generation, offering a cost-effective solution, providing up to 70% savings on hot water bills. The long-lasting solutions installed by Devine Energy can work effectively for more than 25 years with little or no maintenance required.

Thermal Solar Panels come in two different designs.

  • Flat plate collectors: This option looks like traditional solar PV panels with dark coloured flat absorber plates covering metal tubes inside which contain the fluid heated by the sun. Having the flat plate coverings around the tubing prevents heat from escaping.

  • Evacuated tube collectors: This design has exposed transparent parallel tubing and uses either direct flow or a heat pipe to retain the heat generated by the sun.

Contact Devine Energy to discuss the best option and for information on installing these affordable renewable solar panel systems.  


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