HEEPS : Cashback Scheme

You can claim up to £5800 through the new Scottish Goverment HEEPS : Cashback Scheme

This scheme is being offered to owner occupiers, private and social tenants and registered private sector landlords. The rebate is towards installing eligible energy efficiency measures for properties that are in Council Tax Bands A to C. The measures must be recommended in a pre-install Green Deal Advice Report for the property.

The funding is divided as follows.

  • Up to £500 available for installing a new boiler.
  • Up to £400 available for insulations measures.
  • Up to £300 available for other measures such as draught proofing or secondary glazing.
  • For installations of solid wall insulation. 75% of the total cost of work up to £4500 is available.

There is also additional premiums available for households that are classed as living in a remote rural area of Scotland. Any applicants who install at least one measure and claim funding through the scheme are also entitled to claim up to £100 for their Green Deal Advice Report.

This scheme is on a first come, first served basis and is subject to available funding.

Call 0131 6602299 now to arrange a visit to see if you are eligible with the Devine Energy Team.