Mr & Mrs Logan - Scottish Borders

What We Did: 

Devine Energy Ltd supplied and installed an SHT dual-fuel biomass boiler to heat this domestic property in the Scottish Borders.

  • Biomass Boiler Install
  • 40kW SHT TDA Thermodual
  • Fully automatic wood log and wood pellet boiler
  • 2,500 litre accumulator tank

Fed up with the increasing costs of oil, the owners of this rural property in the Scottish Borders decided it was time for change. After investigating the numerous options available to heat both the home and water supply, the customer opted for the SHT TDA Thermodual. This is a dual fuel boiler capable of running on either wood logs or wood pellets. The customer loved the idea of using their own logs in the boiler to provide an incredibly cost effective means of heating. The pellet burning capabilities of the boiler meanwhile allow the boiler to continue running, even if the Logans are away from home or simply don't want to fuel it with logs.

Customer Comments: 

"The SHT Thermodual seemed the ideal way to use our own timber resource to heat our farmhouse. The whole system has fitted neatly into our small garage beside the house. I'm very happy with this install."